10 Decorating Ideas With Christmas Lights

10 Decorating Ideas With Christmas Lights

Decorating Ideas With Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights Are Over Rated, Right?!

I have this huge box of Christmas lights, that I haven’t used in probably three years! I checked them and they all work… a miracle!

It’s too early for decorating, but I wanted to use them for something else, ya know, re-purpose them, or something like that. I know, I know, just one more thing to add to my list.

So I did what any good researcher does and I Googled “Decorating with Christmas Lights Etc.” Holy Guacamole! pages upon pages of some awesome ideas! I also reached out to some of you and ya’ll came to my rescue!

Here are ten decorating ideas to do with your Christmas Lights! **Also please note that this article may contain affiliate links.**

1. Lit Potpourri Jars

image courtesy of Bottle Lamp Community

What better DIY project idea than from a DIY site itself?! Bottle-Crafts DIY is a great resource to get some amazing ideas for all of your decorating and recycling purposes.

2. Strung Up Beer Bottles

Beer Bottle Christmas Lights

This crafty mamma decided to let her neighbors think that they were alcoholics! Ha! This is definitely a wonderful way to recycle those Christmas lights and get your lawn looking cute for those Summer Parties!

These are fairly simple to do and look phenomenal!

3. Doorway Lighting

doorway lighting

This mamma, had an awesome though last year. She was cleaning, on a Friday, no less, and decided to re-purpose not only her Christmas Lights, but also that huge gorgeous jar! I think that it’s an awesome idea, and super modern!

4. Wall Art

wall art

Yep, Wall art, canvas art, it’s just gorgeous! This Mamma wanted to bring her nutcrackers to life and made a backdrop for them!

5. More Wall Art/Decor

wall decor

This young lady decorated her house for Valentine’s Day! I think it’s a phenomenal idea! Using soft white LED lights, this look would be awesome for a photo opp too!

6. Bedroom Decor

bedroom decor

I couldn’t find the genius behind this idea, and I couldn’t give them the proper credit. I love, love, L.O.V.E this! It’s also absolutely simple to make. A pair of sheer curtains and some fairy lights!

7. Lighted Garland

garland tulle lights

I have to admit, I think this is such a fru-fru frilly thing, that I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it! First of all, it’s blue tulle and white lights! The possibilities of what you can do with the garland are endless! I’ve always envied the DIY’ers! They’re so creative!

8. Christmas Lights As a Border Outline

Here is something that takes me back to my college days. We did exactly this and we loved it! We decorated our dorm room with Christmas lights. They were inexpensive and we thought it would be fun. We taped them up around our entire room. Just in a border pattern. This allowed us to shut the annoying fluorescent lights off and relieve our migraines.

9. More Outdoor Lighting

outdoor lighting

Outdoor, lighting has been more elegant and rustic looking at the same time. A few outdoor globes, some string lights and the rest is history!

10. Ceiling Lighting or Fairy Lights

ceiling christmas lights

This is probably one of my favorites. Yes, they are all my favorites, but I totally want to do this. I want to put them up and never take them down! It gives a sense of magical elegance. I absolutely love it!

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